What Is Going On?

Here is a video to answer your questions.


But if you choose to read instead let's do it! 

All Things Hair is not open; you can just order grow me crazy and herbal bae, your favs until we open JadeSol. All products will ship in 5-7 business days & come with no labels on them. The ingredients are listed in the products description. 

Jade Sol is a business Im creating for moms, go getters, 9-5ers, who desire peace, a good laugh, motivation and products that work. 

I had the idea to create Jade Sol because when I choose to get therapy, I choose Solution & being a mother brought me into a new world. So Jade is Koris middle name and Sol is half of solution. This is dedicated to my therapy journey and my amazing daughter. 

The brand will offer a variety of products for the different phases and places a women finds herself, either everyday, month, weekend, or for a period of time. Body Butters, Hair Care, Body washes, sleep sprays. etc.

So right now we are in the testing phase of some of the products you'll see the details under each product description when we start making the testers available. 

Hopefully this answers all of your questions thanks so much.